The Halloween Inspiration Board: Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe’s large-sunglassed visage has become a ubiquitous image. Her tent dresses are recognizable from yards away. And that mane of wavy blond hair has been copied by Midwesterners and starlets alike. Why not add to all the Zoe worship on Halloween by being her? But you’ve kind of got to take it to the hilt. Here’s how …

  1. Everyone knows Zoe loves her a huge heel. Take it to the next level. [$44,]
  2. With sunglasses, the bigger the better. [$6, The Joke Shop]
  3. Buy a tent. Turn it into a dress. Done. [$170, Coleman]
  4. Your plain peasant hair won’t do. It’s got to be blond and wavy. [$40,]