The Frisky Goes Back-To-School At The Office

There’s something about NYC fall weather that makes us want to wear preppy outfits, even though we’ve been out of school for years and are miles away from the nearest Ivy League college. Today, Amelia, Catherine, and I were able to stay true to our personal styles, despite rocking the same back-to-school trend. Amelia made her coral dress less girly by adding her new favorite blazer, patterned tights and two-tone riding boots. She looks like the senior we all wanted to be when we were freshmen. Catherine went the casual route with dark-wash skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a chambray button-down shirt. And I can’t forget her signature cardi (in a blazer-style cut today). My outfit is kind of a fluke because everything else I tried on this morning didn’t work. Catherine and I are dressed very similarly, but I dressed my version up by rocking my animal-print pumps (now that it’s cold enough for calf hair). And yes, that’s the same cap I’ve been wearing for the past week because I haven’t had the time to wash my hair.