Who Wants To Smell Like Kim Kardashian?

Behold the scent of Kim Kardashian. With her booming reality TV career, it was only a matter of seconds before Kim decided to launch her first fragrance. But she says the perfume creation has been in progress since she was little and she and Kourtney would mix flower petals together in the blender. Yet this scent is way more refined, complete with hints of jasmine, gardenia, and sandalwood. This February Sephora will begin to stock Kim’s perfume, which will cost $16-65. But don’t even think for a second that Kim is stopping with just one perfume. Already she’s made her sequel scent, which is expected to be in stores in 2011, and wants to branch out to makeup. How long until she’s an “artistic advisor” at a fashion brand like LiLo? Are you in any way, shape or form interested in actually purchasing this concoction, or have the “geniuses” in the celeb perfume department finally gone too far? [WWD]