Sarah Palin Is Ready to Be Your Beauty Advisor

If you thought Sarah Palin’s moment in the spotlight was over after the election, you were seriously mistaken. The “average hockey mom/governor” won’t give up that fast. Already she has transformed herself from politician to author, completing her memoir and landing on the bestseller list before the chronicle has even been released. But that’s not all. Remember when we predicted that eventually a lipstick would be inspired by and named after her? Sadly prescient. Now she’s ready to get into the beauty business for real. That “lipstick on a pitt bull” catchphrase? According to her agents, it’s an obvious reason to join the cosmetics industry. (Really?) She’s given up her position in politics, but Sarah Palin certainly is far from giving up fame. While they search for beauty deals, we have to wonder, would you buy lipstick from Pit Bull Palin? And just how long until there’s actually a lipstick called “Pit Bull Pink”? [New York Post]

[And I have just one more question: Does this news make you hurt/sad/angry/wanna barf!? — Editor]