My Name Is Going To Be All The Rage In 2019

Writer Laura Wattenberg was issued a challenge by Parents magazine: Predict the top baby names for boys and girls in … 2019? The thing is, the majority of popular baby names are the same as those a decade before. There are just some names that are always in fashion — Jacob and Zoe, for example — so Watternberg decided to take a different approach.

I decided to limit my choices to names currently outside of the top 40. The result isn’t a literal top-10 prediction, but a forecast of the names I expect to have the greatest fashion momentum over the coming decade … To make my list, a name had to both show signs of accelerating growth and tie into broader fashion trends.

The result? Amelia is going to be the number six girl name in 2019! Holla! The full list, after the jump. [Baby Name Wizard] GIRLS
1. Lila
2. Peyton
3. Lucy
4. Violet
5. Aubrey
6. Amelia
7. Piper
8. Ruby
9. Juliet
10. Harper

1. Miles
2. Rowan
3. Lincoln
4. Eli
5. Jude
6. Cooper
7. Wyatt
8. Ryder
9. Lucas
10. Henry

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