In Bed With … Nacho Figueras

March 4, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sun: Pisces
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Leo
Mercury: Pisces
Venus: Aries
Mars: Aquarius

Love Style:

Romance oozes from Nacho whether he can help it or not. Ranked as one of the top polo players in the world, this Argentinian hottie is the epitome of the superhero man that lives for his fantasies. He is not above riding in on his horse to rescue damsels in distress, making them swoon with just the glimmer of his smile. It’s no surprise he’s Ralph Lauren’s Black Label spokesmodel, because underneath all his gorgeousness is a man that does live that iconic lifestyle. He is a Casanova in every sense of the word and lives in a world in which beauty, decadence and elegance are in the air. In love, he doesn’t hold back from taking it all in. He loves unconditionally and generously, as he has no limits on how to express himself. The lady he chooses as his true love will, of course, get the brunt of all his imagination, passion and insatiability, but she must be warned she most likely won’t be the only one to share in the bounty of his love, as he has so much that he can’t help but spread it around. His desires are strong enough to move mountains, as is his entitlement complex.

Sex Style:

Load up on the carbs, because when you get down to business with Nacho, you’ll be in for an epic adventure. Yes, this is the boy that is going to ride you long and hard, slowing down at just the right moment to make you feel every nuance of his affection and then pumping it up fast to bring your heat up to boiling points. He has a skill to be able to read the mind of his lovers and he gives himself as needed — which makes him like a drug for many. Generous to a fault, he isn’t one to slack off in the sack and will do all he can to make his lovers feel as if they are the most beautiful women on earth. However, he does love feeling the worship back, so the lady that will be able to really cash in on his love must also be willing to ante up and give him back the same level of Olympics-worthy sex.

His Type:

Confidence is a must for any lady that is going to be by his side, as she will have to put up with a lot of whimsy and know when to pick and choose her battles. There are a lot of pluses to being with someone so giving and passionate, yet the fact that he is also wild means his lady love has to be the one to know when to be dominant. Although she might not get the results she wants, she must hold herself with pride, because even if he isn’t the most loyal per se, he does have a ranking of importance in his life and to be his #1 will mean she does get the best of him. Whether or not it fully can blind her to the fact he is such a wild stallion remains to be seen, since settling for the perfect image is all she may get. The only consolation is that 85 percent of the time this image should hold true — because although he loves to play, he does know how to find his way home.

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