Elizabeth Smart Takes The Stand To Tell About Her Kidnapping Ordeal

Elizabeth Smart was found more than six years ago, but her kidnapper, Brian Mitchell, has still not gone to trial. His lawyers claim that he’s a complete looney, and it’s been an uphill battle to prove that he’s fit to stand trial. Makes you oh so proud of our legal system, right? Yesterday, at Mitchell’s official competency hearing, Elizabeth took the stand for the first time to tell what exactly happened to her in the nine months she was missing. The details are horrifying: After Mitchell took her at knife-point from her house, he made her hike three miles into the mountains to a campsite he’d set up. There, he performed a “marriage ceremony” and raped her. She was 14 at the time. He raped her every day for the next nine months. She said, “Anytime I showed resistance or hesitance, he would turn to me and say, ‘The Lord has commanded you to do this. You have to experience the lowest form of humanity to experience the highest.'” Mitchell forced her to drink alcohol, to take drugs, and to watch porn. At one point, Mitchell chained her to a tree. Elizabeth says that Mitchell planned to kidnap a second girl to “marry,” though luckily the plot didn’t work out. Smart was scheduled to face Mitchell at the hearing, but as soon as he entered the court room, he began singing, and was moved to a private room where he watched her testimony on a screen. (He obviously watched some episodes of “Law & Order” for tips on looking nuts.) Elizabeth’s dad said she was not happy about this. “She actually wanted to face him and, in fact, I think she asked if he could be muzzled and have to sit there to watch it,” he said.

Elizabeth is now a student at Brigham Young University, studying music. In September, she did several interviews giving advice to Jaycee Lee Dugard, telling her to do her best to move on with her life and enjoy the friends and family she now has back in her life. We seriously applaud her for being so brave and articulate in sharing a terrifying story.

(And on a totally superficial side note, her trial outfit was super cute.)