A Lipstick Tomboy Is Actually A Lazy Person

What the heck is a Lipstick Tomboy? According to Clutch Magazine, a Lipstick Tomboy is a woman who is the opposite of the “girly girl” and is “clean, stylish and confident living by their own definition of womanliness.” The Lipstick Tomboy doesn’t care about trends and wears clothing that suits her body instead of what the fashion world dictates. OK, that sounds like most of the women I know, but writer Sky Obercam gives more details on this type of woman, and, it turns out, a Lipstick Tomboy simply sounds like a lazy woman who doesn’t mind looking like crap on a daily basis. She doesn’t own an iron, has holes in her clothing (that could easily be mended), has spots on her clothes, and leaves her eyebrows ungroomed. I also think the Lipstick Tomboy would be too lazy to put on lipstick.Obercam seems to have a real issue with girly girls, who she describes as mindless fashion drones incapable of making decisions on their own and spending too much time primping their hair, nails, and face. However, in order for a girly girl to spend a considerable amount of time and money on her appearance she also has to spend an equal (or more!) amount of time on her education and career. Fashion and makeup ain’t cheap! Plus, she has to have the luxury of an occupation that gives her weekends off because when else would she get her mani/pedi? So you see, her main focus can’t be on her appearance because there simply aren’t enough hours in a day.

Now, I’ll admit I’m a girly girl. I like the relaxation brought on by a pedicure and a hot stone massage. And you all already know I’m stylish at times. But, as a single woman, I can get down and dirty when it comes to home repairs, a trait Obercam claims is foreign to the girly girl and native to the Lipstick Tomboy. I’ve used a plunger on several occasions, unclogged a toilet and drain, and have even had to plunge my hand into the ice cold water in the tank of the toilet to connect the chain to that other piece that makes the toilet flush. I’ve painted an entire room and am not afraid of heavy lifting or all bugs. (Though I’ll admit, I’m not into getting dirty unless you count sandy feet on the beach.)

I think there’s a little girly girl and Lipstick Tomboy in every woman because we are dynamic beings. We don’t fit into one category. I do agree with Obercam on one aspect, though, femininity isn’t solely about the outside appearance — it’s also about inner confidence and defining womanliness on our own terms.