When Do You Put The Most Faith In Beauty Products?

So for the first time in about three years I made a trip to the derm—with my wedding coming up next year, I figured I shouldn’t really procrastinate. (Visions of adult acne and a white dress dance in my head!) At the end of the appointment, I walked out with two prescriptions — one face lotion and an eye cream for the fine lines (that are turning into not-so-fine lines) — and one giant smile on my face about my new skincare regimen. I happily raced home to fill my Rx topical lotions and immediately started patting my new eye cream on those pesky fine lines and wondered: This isn’t my first time at the eye cream rodeo—why am so damn hyped up about this particular eye gunk? I’ve bought, almost bought and asked for dozens of eye cream recommendations, as well as read loads of eye care articles over the years in the hopes of finding something that would help on the wrinkle and baggage front—and my receipts have read anything from $10 to $300 (please don’t judge!). The cream the derm told me to try was all of 35 bucks and a brand I haven’t ever heard of, but I think I’ve really got a chance with this one. Why? Because of whom I got it from.

Are you more apt to believe the hype and get excited about a certain product because of whom or where it came from? Did Jessica Simpson or P. Diddy hawking Proactiv really get you dialing up the 800 number to order? What about friend recommendations: Do you trust those products more so than a tube of something you bought from the Clinique saleswoman? Do you stick to the products your mom has been using for decades? I’m interested — weigh in!