What Does 3D Mean For Fashion Magazines?

Despite the fact that I’ve totally succumbed to the internet in numerous ways, one former habit will just not die: My apartment is cluttered with magazines. Every month, my mailbox floods with glossies and flipping through the pages feels like fashion heaven. Sure, there’s The Fashion Spot where users painstakingly upload each and every page, but there’s just something about being able to flip through the editorials and see the beauty in person.

Could that be the one way internet magazines just can’t compete?Now that might change, thanks to The Financial Times’ online magazine How to Spend It. Along with their 15th anniversary comes another announcement of pure internet and creative brilliance. That’s right: They’re introducing 3-D fashion editorials.

While I’ve been sitting at home with my magazines, the geniuses in their tech department have decided that flat images are just so passé. Welcome to the new world of fashion photographs, where you feel like you’re part of the set instead of just seeing it from the outside. All the 3-D glory begins on Saturday, so you know where I’ll be – glued to the screen. Do you think this will rock the world of fashion webzines? Do you think the printed fashion magazine can really be replaced? [WWD]