The Halloween Inspiration Board: Max From “Where The Wild Things Are”

With the Spike Jonze movie opening this month, the book and film’s child hero is likely to be one of this year’s most popular costumes. But you don’t need to run out and buy Opening Ceremony’s $600+ costume. I’m going to keep my hands exposed and paint my nails silver, and added a little more whimsy with a feather crown from Etsy. You could also buy posterboard from an art supply store and cut your own crown. As for this wolf onesie? I plan on wearing mine around the house year-round.

  1. Wild Things Wolf Pajamas, $145, Irongate Gallery
  2. Feather Crown, $25, Etsy
  3. Silver Nail Polish, $4.30, Essie
  4. Specter, $3.79,