Quickies: The Paparazzi Made Kristen Stewart An Agoraphobe & Scientists Find New Missing Link

  • Kristen Stewart reveals to Interview how she is terrorized by paparazzi and afraid to leave her hotel room. [Popeater]
  • National Review writer John Derbyshire spews crap about women’s “baby batter” and turning back suffrage. [The Huffington Post] — Hurrah, conservative misogyny!
  • Dreamboats Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig’s Broadway play, “A Steady Rain,” has broken the record for the highest weekly gross for a production that isn’t a musical with $1,167,954. [New York Times] — Obviously this play with this cast is from heaven. And heaven should let me have a seat inside the pearly gates.

  • Starving yourself could make you live longer… [DivineCaroline] — …but you’ll be, ya know, starving. And miserable. Seriously, this sounds awful.
  • Will matching pattern tops and bottoms be cute or fashion disasters that make you look like you’re wearing your little sister’s pajamas from 2nd grade? [Refinery29] — Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Scientists discover another one of those missing links to the origin of the species. “Ardi,” who pre-dates Lucy lived in the trees 4.4 million years ago. [The Washington Post] — Isn’t science neat?