Is “Consensual” Incest OK?

We were pretty shocked when Mackenzie Phillips published a book revealing that she had a decade-long sexual relationship with her father, John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas. But we were even more surprised when she defended it, saying she was raped initially but, later on, the acts were “consensual.” This whole thing sparked a huge debate about Genetic Sexual Attraction, or GSA. Genetic Sexual Attraction is an emotional and physical attraction between family members. The feelings often start after the two have been separated for a long time and, upon reuniting, find there is something, er, more between them. Most think it’s totes wrong but there is a vocal minority that says GSA is just misunderstood. I’ll present both sides, then you can tell us what you think! GSA Is Disgusting!

People who are against “consensual incest” have a ton of reasons. GSA is illegal in most states and so is having sex with a minor. However, in 26 states, cousins are fair game. Also, kids who are born out of incestuous relationships have a higher risk of congenital and birth defects. Even if they don’t have kids, couples in incestuous relationships can be emotionally scarred or traumatized, especially if the sex is occurring between a parent and a child. Some believe that relationships like this can never be consensual and are exploitative. [The Daily Beast]

GSA Is Misunderstood!

There are a few sites that support people with GSA. Commenters on argue that they are misunderstood and ostracized. One woman, who is involved with her son, said GSA and incest are not the same. Many claim that they have a strong, comfortable relationships with their family member and the physical stuff only serves to make it better. According to many commenters, GSA should not be taboo and society needs to catch up.

GSA proponents have a stronger argument when it comes to cousins because no European countries ban marriage between cousins. It’s OK in Mexico and Canada too. FDR, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein all married their cousins and, according to, marrying a second- or third-degree cousin doesn’t mean an increased risk of birth defects. Also, cousins have an easier time reproducing than non-related couples and have fewer miscarriages.

Your thoughts?