Why You’re Hoarding A Closet Full Of Clothes That No Longer Fit

When my jeans start feeling tight I usually blame the dryer. And while I don’t believe the dryer is entirely to blame, at least I can comfort myself with the fact that I am not alone. According to a study by Weight Watchers, 72 percent of women own clothes that no longer fit them. In fact, the average gal has over $400 worth of threads in her closet that she’s just, well, too big for. This could be because, while females can be pretty weight-obsessed, we are also in denial. Apparently, 68 percent of women are unaware of how much they weight. The good news is, we tend to underestimate the size of celebs. For example, most chicks would say that Nigella Lawson is a size 14, but she’s really a 16. I’m hoping this means we underestimate the weight of regular girls too. I like when people think I’m smaller than I really am.

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