Frisky Q&A: Tucker Max Talks “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” Feminism, Sex, And Why He Loves Women

Love him or hate him, Tucker Max is in your face. The author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, a debauched chronicling of his booze-fueled sexual hijinks which has spent the last four years on the The New York Times bestseller list and most recently been turned into a feature film, Max is the king of “fratire” and the enemy of feminist bloggers everywhere. His crude erotic tales through subterranean America are populated by midgets and strippers; generally, women do not fare well in the face of his f**k-‘em-and-dump-‘em M.O. Protesters have boycotted his movie and accused him of promoting “rape culture.” Good or bad, Tucker seems to relish the attention. In Tucker-esque fashion, one young woman bragged: “I Slept With Tucker Max, the Internet’s Biggest Asshat.” So, is Tucker Max for real? Or is he a savvy marketer plugged into what 21st century men really want? We talked to Max about his movie, his sex life, and his detractors. The recently released “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” isn’t faring well at the box office. That didn’t make him any less cocky.

Using the word “rape” in association with me is so intellectually dishonest it is shameful.

The Frisky: How was the tour?

Tucker Max: The tour went amazingly well. I mean, I knew the movie was awesome, and I knew people would love it, and people are loving it. But the tour is kind of independent of the movie, and I wasn’t sure how well we’d pull everything off. Well, we are nailing it. I mean, just look at the results. We have produced a hilarious written recap and video recap of every stop, complete with fan reactions and everything. Do you think that is easy? It is most undeniably not. Yet, every day we produce a top-notch show for the people at the premiere, and then out of that create top notch ancillary material for people on the internet to watch and send to their friends.

The Frisky: What do you think of the protests?

TM: I am of two minds about them. On one hand, I love the attention. Not only am I a narcissist and like the attention, but how else is my movie going to be on the front page of On the other hand, as to the substance of the protests, I think they are not only ridiculous, they are offensive to women and borderline libelous. Their basic point is that women are not responsible or intelligent enough to decide what art they want to consume and must be protected. Really? I thought the point of feminism was to give women choice, not tell them what they had to like. And beyond that, even using the word “rape” in association with me is so intellectually dishonest it is shameful.

The Frisky: Gawker deemed you a “ham-fisted frat s***.” The feminist bloggers hate you. You’ve been called a “professional sexist,” “anti-feminist,” and a “promoter of rape culture.” The New York Times labeled your prose “fratire.”

TM: Hold on now. The New York Times was not insulting me when they called my writing “fratire.” In fact, they said I invented a new literary genre, one that defines a whole new generation of writers and readers. How is that an insult?

The haters are a different matter all together. They have many different agendas. The radical protesters are all about promoting their bulls**t agenda on my back, flailing away and trying to prevent their inevitable cultural irrelevance. Gawker and those haters are a bit different. They are the writers who never really made it as real writers — the creative underclass as they call themselves — and they are profoundly jealous of me and my success, especially since, to them, I represent the same dudes who used to kick their ass and mock them in high school and college. The arts used to be their sanctuary, and now here I am succeeding wildly. Because they are envious and insecure, they perceive it as reflecting their failure back on themselves. Look at the anger and vitriol they attack me with. That is less about me, and more a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

The Frisky: Are you a “misogynist”?

TM: Complete bulls**t. A misogynist is someone who hates women. I love women. Everything I do is to impress women. Without women, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. Plus, half my fans are women. The people who call me misogynist are the ones who haven’t read or engaged my writing, and are just looking for a bogeyman to attack.

The Frisky: In your stories, women throw themselves at you. How many women have you slept with, and what advice do you give men on women?

TM: I have no idea how many women I’ve slept with. Probably more than 300, probably less than 600? I don’t keep count, because that would be super creepy.

Some women absolutely do throw themselves at me. I think part of it is that there are always some women that are into rich, famous, and powerful men. Then there is the artist aspect. Half my fans are women, and they are fans because they love my writing. There is the masculine thing; I am one of the few people in media who is unapologetically masculine, and that’s very attractive to some women.

The advice I give my male fans on women is simple: Be honest, be engaging, and be yourself. These are three things that most guys lack. I don’t, and it works great for me.

The Frisky: Do you think of yourself as someone who says what guys think but don’t say? For example: “Fat girls aren’t real people.”

TM: That quote is so taken out of context, it’s embarrassing — to the people who use it. Go watch the movie. When Tucker says that, he’s clearly kidding. That’s the joke, that the statement is so preposterous, not that it’s serious. Beyond that, he then engages a fat girl and talks to her like a real person. The people who quote that line back to me are always people who either haven’t seen the movie or who are being intentionally obtuse.

The Frisky: What do women not understand about men?

TM: Oh, man. So many things. Let’s see. We aren’t as emotionally mature as you are most of the time, especially at the same age. We don’t overthink things the way you do. Some men will lie or say anything to get ass, so be careful. Don’t blame all men for the actions of one or two. And the biggest thing is: If you want a relationship, make sure you are someone who someone else would want to date. So many girls make their “list” of things they want in a guy, then never actually wonder if they are the type of person that guy would want. It goes both ways.

The Frisky: Why did you post a video X-ray of a woman giving you a blowjob?

TM: Ah, yes, the sex-ray. It was so awesome. It was like a porn movie almost, except I invented a new genre of porn: skeleton porn.

Seriously, have you ever seen fellatio on an x-ray video? It’s funny, I was hosting “Loveline” with Dr. Drew last week and showed him the video, and even he was shocked, which is not an easy thing to do. He said it was very dangerous, and I increased my chances of testicular and penile cancer. “So skeleton porn isn’t going to catch on?” I asked. “No.”

The Frisky: You have a lot of weird sex.

TM: Why did Edmund Hillary climb Everest? Because it was there. Why did I f**k a midget? Because she was down there. Novelty, and the ability to say, “I did that.”

The Frisky: How many times is the f-word in your movie?

TM: S**t. I have no idea. Good question.

The Frisky: Do you expect “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” will become a blockbuster hit?

TM: Yes. Because it is an awesome and groundbreaking movie, and great art always finds its way. It may not hit at the theater, but it will hit on DVD, and hit big.