Crush Of The Day: Mark Sanchez, Quarterback

mark sanchez g1 jpg
Those of you who enjoy some game called “football” probably already know who this hot piece of sexiness is, but for those of you who prefer to spend your Sundays outside in the sunshine and not, you know, parked in front of the tube, let me explain. Mark Sanchez is the new quarterback for the New York Jets, a football team that has had a rotating cast of QBs for the last few seasons and, in general, totally sucks. But Sanchez, 22, is being heralded as their saving grace! Drafted in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft, sad Jets fans think he might finally be the answer to their team’s woes. Whatever, I am suddenly a Jets fan, because this 6’2″ Scorpio is suddenly making the outdoors look highly overrated. Keep clicking for more pics from his sexy shoot for GQ.
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