Cheapskate: Forever 21

Any fashionista worth her wardrobe knows that she can buy trendy stuff from Forever 21, but who really has the patience to wade through all the crap and mess that plagues the actual store? We don’t, that’s for sure. So we’ll just surf the website to find all the trendy and classic (bet you didn’t think Forever 21 had “classic” in them) items to add to our autumn wardrobe. I’m really loving the Crochet Trim Sweater Cardigan because I can’t afford real Chanel, but don’t want to wear a complete knockoff. Check out 17 garments and accessories we’re loving for their design and price, after the jump.

Cheapskate: Forever 21
Fab Rose Silhouette Skirt, $9.50
New Perforated Suedette Pump, $24.80
Safety Pin Sweater Top, $22.80
Owl Face Ring, $5.80
Faux Pearl Sweater Top, $22.80
Feather Trim Wool Cloche, $14.80
Walking Bootie Heel, $22.80
Passamenterie SS Cardigan, $19.80
Military Tipped Sweater, $32
Subtle Striped Open Cardigan, $15.80
Double Knit Strip Skirt, $17.80
Chiffon Collar Sweater Dress, $32
Zipper Trim Tube Dress, $22.80
Mardi Dropped Waist Dress, $22.80
Crochet Trim Sweater Cardigan, $24.80
H81 Wool Dolman Jacket, $38.90
Embroidered Pleat Skirt, $22.80