It’s A Nice Day For … A Wal-Mart Wedding

Nothing says love like a Blue Light Special, right? That’s why we’re happy to announce that Wal-Mart has hosted its very first wedding, at the store in York, Nebraska. The lucky shoppers were Crystal Newsome and Robert Vickrey. They decided to exchange their vows in the lawn and garden department, among oodles of potted plants. Why would they pick this as the location of their wedding? “We had our first kiss at Wal-Mart,” explains Crystal. Both Robert and Crystal are Wal-Mart employees: Robert’s worked there for more than a decade and currently manages the grocery department, while Crystal has been the deli manager for five years. The two started dating two years ago. “We both work here, we met here, it all started here, why not?” said Robert.

Rather than send out invitations to their co-workers, Robert and Crystal simply placed an invite by the time clock. And hey, this had to be convenient for any friends and family members who waited until the last minute to buy a gift. During the ceremony, Robert said, “I love everything about Crystal. She is an absolutely wonderful woman. She makes me smile. She’s put the joy of life back in me.” Aww, that is almost cute enough to suppress my snarky comment about how the groom wore black jeans. []