Trend We Heart: Shop The Full Leather Skirt

Not since the days of “Pretty Woman” have leather skirts even crossed our minds. Perhaps Cher Horowitz has been the only girl since then to rock one with class. Because otherwise we can only think of Jersey-accented monsters or brain-dead girlfriends of rock gods wearing them. Yet, this ’90s classic has been making a comeback this fall and we like what we see. The garment seems to be fitting in well with the edgier looks on the shelves—you know, asymmetrical lines, lots of black, and a sort of androgynous, Helmut Lang aesthetic. We’re digging the traditional tight-and-straight cut, but what we’re particularly keen on are these leather skirts with more body. They don’t scream s-e-x as much as they do c-u-t-e …

  1. This pleated Phillip Lim skirt is the ultimate splurge (although to be fair, we’ve seen versions from similar designers upwards of $800). Better to use for inspiration … meaning carry on to #2, please. (And, OK, not all the rest are real leather.) [$595, Phillip Lim,]
  2. Kenneth Cole’s tiered leather skirt puts a girly spin on the badass material. [$149.97,]
  3. The triangular detail is a great throwback to the ’80s, but doesn’t make this skirt costumey. If you want to kick it up a notch, it also comes in flamingo pink! [$39.99, Silence & Noise,]
  4. Forever 21’s price is right to get the basics of the look—a skirt with body and pleat details. [$19.80,]