Quickies: Oral Sex Makes A Man Feel Accepted & The Service Industry Is Oversexed

  • Your Tango got to the bottom of why men really enjoy oral sex. [Your Tango] — You know, I expected the responses to be something like: “Duh, it feels good.” But I can see how a man would feel accepted and even more intimate from fellatio.
  • And that’s not all! Men have nipples. You have permission to touch them. But here’s how to do it right. [Em & Lo]
  • Poland passed a law recently that makes chemical castration mandatory for some pedophiles upon release from prison. [Reuters]

  • Some dude posted signs in which he asks “Jennifer” to marry him, but then he said he was just kidding and is in fact breaking up with her. [The Daily What] — Dang! What did Jennifer do to deserve such humiliation?
  • Make over your boobs with these 10 tips for finding the right bra and caring for it. [Shine] — A great strapless bra completely changed how I felt about my boobs and overall appearance.
  • Workers in the service industry labor such long and odd hours that their dating pool consists of coworkers and customers. [Lemondrop] — So that’s why waitresses are willing to flirt even when the customer’s girlfriend is present.
  • American men ranked fifth on a list of the worst lovers by country because they’re too rough. [F-Listed] — My experience says otherwise. If your lover is too rough, then tell him.