Product Test Drive: Rear Gear Sports Cushion

I was given a Rear Gear Sports Cushion, a rollable butt pad, while vacationing in Las Vegas this past weekend. I was in total relax mode while lounging next to the hot tub, so I wasn’t really thinking about work or testing any products. But the moment I sat my caboose on the Rear Gear I knew it was a product I wouldn’t be able to live without. For starters, it made my chill time even more pleasant because it stopped my butt from sinking through the plastic slats of my lounge chair. It also helped make my six-hour flight home a little more bearable because the foam keeps its shape and sort of cradles the behind, taking pressure off the hips. I’d imagine a lot of sports spectators enjoying this too because sitting on a hard bench or bleacher seat for more than 15 minutes can be rather painful. And there’s no embarrassment factor either because this pad is really discreet. It folds into its own pouch and has a handy zipper compartment for keys, a credit card, or cell phone. Rear Gear looks like a fanny pack when it’s rolled up, and it can also be used for lumbar support in this position. Our butts don’t really get any love normally, even though we use them all day long. So why not treat your bum to some R & R? It will thank you. [$18.95, Rear Gear]