Ask The Astrosexologist: My Boyfriend Has No Interest In Getting To Know My Friends

I am a Virgo (9/4/87) who recently started dating a Scorpio (11/2/83) and despite how much I like him, I can’t understand a thing he says or does. I learned very early on that he had pegged me as having potential for a long-term relationship, which makes me pretty uncomfortable since he wants a career, and all I want right now is to make some money and go travel the world — but despite his desire for something significant, he has a really hard time wanting to get to know me.

I’ve met his family and his friends and heard all about his past, but he has stated several times that he doesn’t want to meet the people in my life. I think he’s uncomfortable that my best friend is male (6/10/85). I’m not sure how he can want to be with me, but not want to understand where I’m coming from or get to know the people in my life. I’m worried that things are going to get difficult, as my friends are so important to me. I really don’t know if he is going to let up, especially since Scorpios are so stubborn and he is getting me so involved in his life. Help! – Confused VirgoScorpios are also control freaks and the fact that this guy wants something long term with you, but doesn’t want to know about your life, is not only a big red flag of psychoticness, but just all out lame. If he truly cared about you, he would want to know everything about you. Avoid Scorpios that set limitations on what they can give!

If you think you can’t understand him now, just wait until you are caught up in his world with no one left in your own because he has shut out everyone from your life — that just gives him all the control and will make you miserable! While this is the worst-case scenario, the fact that this is a possible trajectory for your relationship should already say enough. Plus, you have dreams — you want to see the world and unless you have a guy that shares the same plan, that one is also another big no-no.

As a Virgo with a Capricorn moon, you are born under signs that tend to serve and have people pleasing qualities that can be your downfall. No matter how much you feel or think you can feel for this person, the fact that you are already uncomfortable should say enough to you — pay attention to your own instincts. Not to say this can’t work out, but not as it is, unless you want to one day wind up in a Lifetime biopic. Sure, you can talk it out, but realize you need to know what you want for yourself and what boundaries you should set — which should all be about your freedom and ability to grow as you wish, not as he sees fit. So, until he can get his head out of his ass with those Neanderthal ways, back away from the mess!

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