Who Do You Want To See In An All-Gay Version Of “Real Housewives”?

Perhaps you’ve heard the exciting rumors that the team behind the “Real Housewives” franchise has been working on a new all-gay version of the show. Well, apparently, it’s really going to happen … and soon! Casting will start in the next couple weeks and creators hope to begin production in November. The show is tentatively titled “Kept” and will air on the MTV-owned all-gay channel, Logo. It will focus on the lives of wealthy and fabulous gay playboys in Manhattan who love to party it up at the hottest clubs and swankiest parties. If you thought rich housewives could be drama, just wait till you see men who have flatirons and know how to use them. Speaking of flatirons, I think Christian Siriano would be perfect for the cast — especially if he’s pitted against an older sugar-daddy type (not Michael Kors, please). Marc Jacobs is rumored to “appear” on the show, though that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a regular cast member. But what if he was! Who else would you like to see in the cast? [via Gawker and NY Mag]