Fashion In The Future May Require Tech Support

You certainly wouldn’t let your IT department predict clothing trends for next season. So, why is the fashion industry looking to scientists for their opinions on the future of design?

Yes, that’s right. When it comes to the new looks on the future runways, scientists are working with designers to come up with high-tech, brand-new fashion inventions, like spray-on clothing and outfits that change the environment you walk into. But the creative genius doesn’t stop there. How about clothes that can snag you a date by exuding just the right smell? That brings a brand-new meaning to dressing for your boyfriend. While there’s a whole list of ideas, and even more to be thought of, the best and most realistic invention would be the shirt that can charge appliances, so you’ll never be forced to deal with a dead phone or iPod.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning and stepping into a tanning booth-like contraption in order to get “spray-dressed”? What kind of freaky techie fashions would you like to see for the future? And keep in mind designer Hussein Chalayan already sent a moving dress down the runway. So, these inventions aren’t that far off from reality.[Telegraph]