What Are You Brushing Your Hair With?

Screw the beauty-world famous Mason Pearson brush—there’s a new favorite brush in beauty land. It costs half the price and is a must-have for the back-and-better-than-ever blowout trend. Dying for the details? Check it out, after the jump. Called the Y.S. Park, it’s made of both synthetic and natural bristles and is a dream tool, according to celebrity stylists and salon vets. Glamour says it’s all about the bristles: ” … orange synthetic bristles are part of the magic—they help pull the hair really taut for a smooth blowout without getting so hot they fry your hair. The natural bristles that are mixed in help give the hair nice texture and volume.” At $50-ish, would you buy it? Do you own a Mason Pearson? Personally, I’m more into drugstore plastic-vent brushes—but as with the Clarisonic, I may just break down and buy one soon! [Glamour]