Could A “Friends” Movie Be On The Way?

For years, I wanted to be friends with “Friends.” But the TV show was canceled in 2004, as the 30-something cast slid more toward the “something” end of the spectrum. NBC seemed to think audiences weren’t interested in watching Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and their significant others settle into family lives. But Matthew Perry is such an expressive comedian—just think of what he’d have done with changing the diapers of twins! Ever since the series ended, fans and tabloids have never quite stopped wondering whether a big-screen adaptation would happen. Now, with the furor over “Sex and the City 2,” the din is getting louder. The Daily Mail reports that Warner Brothers is willing to pay big bucks to bring all six cast members together and that the stars have already agreed to the reunion. The actor who played coffee shop downer Gunther on the show says this is true. “‘Friends: The Movie’ is definitely on,” he told News of the World. “I still keep in touch with a lot of the cast and they say that they are really keen [to do it]. I am definitely on board to do the film.” But other sources say this is total rubbish. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. Could I BE more disappointed? [MTV]