Life’s No Longer Beautiful: Why “TBL” Got Canceled

It sounded like a good idea for a TV show. It had a celebrity producer. It had a big TV star, and some fairly well-known young actors. “The Beautiful Life: TBL” seemed like it had what it takes to make it, but it didn’t. After airing just two episodes, the CW has canceled the show. Where did they go wrong? After the jump, what “The Beautiful Life” could have done to stay on-air.

  • What was with the “TBL” in the show’s name? Nicknames can’t be forced, and neither can abbreviations.
  • A TV show needs attractive stars, of course, but a show should be slightly realistic, too. Real models aren’t as cutesy as the show’s It Girl, played by Sara Paxton. The casting department should have noticed Agyness Deyn’s quirky look is where it’s at and thought about giving her a cropped ‘do. Or maybe they were saving that for episode 4.
  • The fashion world is glamorous, but there’s some grittiness, too, and “TBL” is a little too picture-perfect.
  • Fashion designers use music that hasn’t even been released yet in their shows, so why did they play MGMT’s “Time to Pretend” at the Zac Posen show in the first episode?
  • There’s (almost) never smiling on real runways.