How To Do Your Makeup In 5 Minutes

When I hear stories about people who wake up at 5 a.m. to “put their face on,” I kind of feel like vomiting. (And if I weren’t too busy sleeping in, I would.) Honestly, it should never take more than about five minutes to put on totally passable makeup for the day. And if you pass the 20-minute mark, you’ve got way too much junk on your face. Here’s all you need to look good without waking up at the ass crack of dawn.

  1. Sleep in.
  2. Wash your face with a light exfoliator and apply oil-free lotion.
  3. Grab some concealer and dab under your eyes and over any problem (read “pimple”) spots. Because you’ve just put cream on, this should be really easy to blend in.
  4. Give your concealer/cream combo a second to dry and then apply a very light powder or powder foundation to keep the shine away. (Unless you’ve got serious skin issues, you don’t need to be wearing thick cream foundation during the day. Ever.)
  5. Sweep a little blush on those cheeks.
  6. Soft crayon eyeliner in charcoal gray or fawn brown is a good bet for daytime. Apply over your lash line and blend with your finger.
  7. Swipe on some mascara.
  8. Gloss those lips.
  9. Leave your house.