New Fashion Site For Pets Makes Us Want To Roll Over And Play Dead

It’s quite possible the internet has finally gone too far.

While social media is taking over the fashion industry — D&G provided bloggers with their very own laptops in the front row — now it seems that dog and cat lovers have their own community as well. is a new social networking site for obsessed pet owners where you pick a preferred animal and then proceed to dress it, style its hair, have it strut down a runway, and have a photo shoot. There are prizes for the quickest blow-dry at the grooming salon, a special Foo currency, plus all the precious pics from that photo shoot can be saved to slip into your wallet for showing off like a proud parent. Yikes.

Of course, everything translates to Facebook. So now each and everyone one of your friends will find out through their news feed how your virtual pet fared on the catwalk. It’s like Tamagachi, but way, way overblown.