Mayoral Cross-Dressing & Other Small-Town Scandals

What’s the best way to get press coverage before an election? A scandal, of course! Take, for example, East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer, who has been blowing up since photos of him in drag surfaced on the web. What a coincidence that it’s just days before his primary election! While Brewer won’t confirm that the photos are actually of him (umm … they look exactly like him), he kind of gives himself away saying, “You need a sex scandal to get to the next level.” Maybe he’ll be running on the ticket as Erica Brewer? [BuzzFeed]

John Edwards, step aside with your little scandal. After the jump, some more shady mayors.

  • Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, the mayor of Arlington, Oregon, was recalled last year after a picture of her standing next to a fire truck in a black bra and panties was posted on her MySpace profile. She claimed her relative posted it to help her with her love life as a single mother. And yet, I can think of one other way to meet people when you’re single … become a kick-butt-yet-fully-clothed mayor. [OG Paper]
  • Hartford’s mayor, Eddie A. Perez, was arrested for the second time this year for bribery and corruption. No wonder Hartford is so dang poor. [NY Times]
  • Mayor Gary Becker of Racine, Wisconsin went from registered civil servant to registered sex offender after he was arrested this past January on counts of child enticement, possession of child pornography, exposing a child to harmful materials, attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child, and use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime and misconduct in public office. Holy crap. [The Journal Times]
  • Remember when Washington, DC Mayor Marion Barry was caught smoking crack in a hotel room in 1990? After that, he still managed to keep a nice political career going for himself, getting re-elected as mayor in 1994 and as a councilman in 2004. Oh, and did I mention he’s also managed to stay in trouble with the law? In 2002, he was arrested for having traces of marijuana and cocaine in his car, in 2005 for evading income taxes, in 2006 for driving too slowly, and again this year for stalking a woman. And we keep him in office because??? []