Would You Like Some Prostitution With Your Espresso?

At Grab-n-Go Espresso, a coffee shop featuring bikini-clad barristas in Everett, Washington, customers were allegedly getting way more than coffee and doughnuts. Before we go any further, does anyone else find it a strange concept in the first place? Sex and coffee seem like an odd pairing to me. Anyhow…5 bikini barristas between the ages of 18 and 24 were charged multiple counts of prostitution last week after a 2-month undercover investigation. What kind of illicit activity was taking place at the coffee hut located conveniently off the highway? Good question! Detectives say the women were charging up to $80 to strip down and flash customers while fixing lattes and mochas. I wonder if there is are code words like “Venti Boobie Mocha” or “Tall Vaj Latte?” In addition to the strip show, the women were said to have exposed their crotches, licked whipped cream off their co-workers’ private parts, and posed naked for pictures inside the Grab-n-Go Espresso. Detectives witnessed some of the women charging customers to touch their bare breasts and naked buttocks. My favorite? The women charged customers to play “basketball” — a game in which customers were allowed to throw waded up money at the women, who caught the money in their underpants. Fun and creative! What ultimately led to their downfall though was the touching. Unfortunately “touching for pay” falls under the category of prostitution in Everett. Oopsie! Apparently this incident has opened up a whole can of beans. Next week the City Council will decide if they want to change lewd conduct ordinances to include espresso huts like Grab-n-Go. In the meantime I guess it’s back to boring ol’ Starbucks for the citizens of Everett. [Herald Net]

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