What The Hell Is “Rape-Rape”?

We’ve already posted about Roman Polanski being arrested this weekend for that decades-old “sex with a minor” conviction, but after watching the ladies of “The View” argue over the issue this morning, I felt compelled to write more. For starters, in the clip above, Whoopi Goldberg, who I never expected to be a rape apologist, coins a term I’ve never heard before — “rape-rape.” Apparently “rape-rape” is NOT when you drug a 13-year-old girl with alcohol and a Quaalude and then have anal sex with her. That’s something else that’s, apparently, not as bad. WTF?Even though Whoopi and guest host Melissa Gilbert never say that the punishment for Polanski’s crime is too harsh because he’s a famous and brilliant director (who withstood a litany of his own traumas in his personal life), I felt the subtext was there. Would they have been making excuses — under the guide of legalese — if this was Joe Blow or, hell, a s**ty director? I doubt it. And the whole thing enrages me. It’s especially appalling that women, specifically two mothers, are making excuses for his crime.

I don’t presume to know the details of the case, but two things are impossible to ignore. At the time that Roman Polanski had sex with Samantha Geimer, she was 13 and he was 44. In what universe is that nothing short of vile? Whoopi attempted to downplay these facts by asserting that in countries outside the United States, this kind of age difference wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Oh really? So you would be OK with your teenage daughter having anal sex with someone three times her age because that’s how the Euros do it?

The fact that she is even speaking of this incident as if it were consensual is particularly revolting. Even if Polanski hadn’t gotten Geimer drunk — and he admitted to giving her alcohol and half a Quaalude — under U.S. law, 13-year-olds cannot consent to having sex with 44-year-olds. She’s right that Polanski wasn’t convicted of child rape, but that’s because he plead guilty to a lesser charge — which he has NOT served time for — not because he didn’t commit child rape to begin with.

Whoopi also brings up the fact that Geimer doesn’t want Polanski to go to jail. That’s wonderful, I suppose, that this woman has seemingly moved on from her awful experience, but the last time I checked, victims of a crime don’t get to act as judge and jury.

But all of this is neither here nor there. Polanski was convicted of a crime over 30 years ago and ran away before he could serve time for that crime. The fact that he’s been picked up and might be going to jail at the ripe old age of 76 is no one’s fault but his own. I say throw the book at him, make him serve every single day he was sentenced to, plus extra time for running away from his punishment to begin with.

And shame on Whoopi. Let’s hope her granddaughter never has to weigh the differences between rape, “rape-rape,” or the way Europeans like to do it.