What Do You Have To Atone For This Yom Kippur?

Happy Yom Kippur! Today is the Jewish Day of Atonement and while some of us are members of the tribe (Simcha, Kate), others of us are not, but still consider this a great day to reflect on some of the sins we’ve committed and would like to repent for. We bare our souls (some anonymously) and bow our heads after the jump, and urge you to atone away in the comments!

Blogging about dudes you’re dating … and not telling them. Blogging about dudes you’re dating … and telling them. – Leonora

Being mean to my mother when I was an adolescent. I know it’s “normal,” but I still feel bad. – Catherine

The sins of sloth and self-pity. I’ve been having a rough year and instead of pepping myself up, I’ve been holding regular pity parties for myself. It’s boring and unbecoming.

Also, I find myself giving into envy occasionally. I hate that, but when people’s parents buy them apartments, it makes me grouchy and a little resentful. Okay, a lot resentful.

Using my mother for comedic material. For secretly hating my brother’s girlfriend. For too much DRINKING.

I carried on an affair with another girl’s boyfriend. And then emailed her about it. And went into great detail. And I felt good about it.

Gossiping! Always gossiping!

I blew off my brother’s 30th birthday party because I felt like going to yoga and seeing “500 Days Of Summer” instead.

All those times I let my mom’s calls go straight to voice mail.

Telling my husband’s friends that he likes to watch “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with me (well, he does). — Wendy

Snapping at and picking fights with my family just because I can.

Sleeping with multiple guys whose name I don’t remember and would have no way to get in touch with if needed.

Drinking about 300 days out of the year.

Lusting after a married friend, and sorta kinda trying to act on it.

Double booking for Friday and Saturday nights and picking whichever plan sounds more fun in the end.

Practicing the withdrawal method because I hate condoms.

I want to atone for my sin of short-changing myself with the wrong guys because I get dickmatized and am too much of a sucker for a pretty face. I got to quit this bitch!

Calling my ex-fiance’s college girlfriend mean names back in the day because he led me to believe she was crazy, when she was, in fact, totally sane and awesome.

Not taking Lucca to the dog park enough and letting her eat human food too often. – Amelia