The Return Of Men’s Earrings?

OK, so if you think about hippie ear plugs and rapper swag style, man jewelry hasn’t really gone anywhere. (Mewelry? Guylery? Man bling? Mling? But we digress …)

According to The New York Times’ The Moment blog, man earrings are coming back from their heyday in the ’90s, and this time, with a slightly different flavor. Used to be, guys might pierce an ear to signify sexual preference. Left means straight; right means gay gay gay. Apparently, however, recent fashions haven’t necessarily advertised sexuality so much as style. Rag & Bone decked out its guy models with piercings for its recent showing during Fashion Week. (OK, slightly ambiguous).
What might seal the deal on the resurfacing of the trend is the availability of male earrings in more popular retailers:

“More and more youth-accessible stores are now carrying men’s earrings. The old emo standbys, Hot Topic and Spencer’s, have a few men’s styles, but the real motherlode is the Topman store in SoHo. The men’s jewelry section offers probably 40 or 50 different varieties, from dangling daggers to an Eiffel Tower and a neon pink star.”

It’s true. Topman and Hot Topic may not quite be trying to solely target a gay audience, but the question is … will a straight one latch on? Unsurprisingly, the male author of the post has an earring, although he says he was “wearing it in my left ear even though the rule of thumb has always been that the right ear is the gay one.” To which his boss responds: “They are both pretty gay, though, no?”

Think your man friends could get away with some man bling? [NY Times]