Strengthen Your Lady Parts With Semi-Precious Stone Eggs

In July, we learned about the woman with the world’s strongest vagina. Tatiana Kozhevnikova spent 15 years strengthening her lady parts with custom-made glass balls and worked her way up to lifting 31 lbs.

The practice of strengthening your hoo-ha by putting a ball up there isn’t new, though it’s not something we hear much about these days. Apparently, these exercises go back to ancient China, when the queen and concubines were taught how to do them in the Royal Palace so they would please the king while making love.Lingerie and sexy time store Coco de Mer is bringing back this practice with its Stone Love Vaginal Egg Set, $120, which includes stone eggs made from rose quartz, obsidian, and jade in three different sizes. According to Coco de Mer’s website, “A healthy, well-exercised pelvic floor equals more blood flow, which equals more arousal.” To get a fit vagina, start with the largest egg, then work down to the smallest as your strength improves. “Eventually you will be able to use them without the cord,” the site reads. “Learn to manipulate two eggs against each other to create an exciting vibration!” And, because these eggs look like decorative knickknacks, no one will guess you’re planning to give Tatiana’s strong-as-steel vagina a run for its money. []