Louis Vuitton + Red Cross = ?

For the Red Cross’s 150th Anniversary, Louis Vuitton and friends are joining forces to really celebrate in style. Photog Annie Liebovitz and artist Damien Hirst have each designed Louis Vuitton pieces for the collection to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s on November 17. Even Marc Jacobs got in on the action with a travel trunk for his dogs. Not only should this make you want to fly around the world, but it makes everyone else want to see you doing it. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) After the jump, check out these soon-to-be auctioned items.
Marc Jacobs created this travel trunk for his dogs. Note: You most likely have seen his highly photogenic dog in pics from the paparazzi as well as professional shoots.

It is oh-so-appropriate for Damien Hirst to pull together this fashion-forward surgical equipment trunk — after all it is a Red Cross auction.