Joan Holloway Doesn’t Need Weight Watchers

I’ve written here before about how Joan Holloway makes me feel better about myself. With her flame hair, pale skin and curvy figure, she and I could be sisters. It’s been a real boost to my confidence to see someone who looks like me get so much positive attention for her appearance. It’s been especially gratifying to watch Christina Hendricks, the actress who plays Joan, really own her curves in an industry that preys on insecurities and exploits anything that differs from the norm (in this case, stick-thin figures). So I was a little confused when I read an article in the Daily Mail this morning that accuses Hendricks of succumbing to pressures of the “body fascists” by losing weight. As proof of her drastic weight loss, the paper presents a photo of Hendricks taken at last week’s Emmy Awards where she looks, to me, just as curvy and lovely as ever. “She’d lost weight from her face, arms and bottom,” Hendricks’ weight-watcher accuses, “and her glorious hourglass shape had changed into something dangerously close to the typical Hollywood lolly-stick with breasts.” Wha?? Was the author seeing the same photo that I am? If Hendricks is “dangerously close to typical Hollywood,” then I’m lunching at the Ivy and giving crotch-shots to the paparazzi swarming outside my limo.It seems to me that the real “body fascists” here are the ones so eager to see Hendricks fall from grace and prove herself to be a typical Hollywood actress. After all, they’re the ones on a weight-watch for any hint of a few pounds lost. That Hendricks has a wedding coming up in a few weeks — an event that often makes even the most self-possessed and confident woman anxious with anticipation — gives them even more reason to believe she’s dropping weight like a “typical” bride. “Typical,” you see, is the last thing Joan Holloway — or the woman who plays her — is allowed to be. Have a doughnut, Christina,” the author writes. “You’ll be doing us all a big favor.” Wow, a female viewer harping on a celebrity’s weight? Typical! [via Daily Mail]