How Much Do Famous Folks Get Paid For Their Wedding Photos?

Cha-ching. Word on the street is that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom banked $300K selling the exclusive rights to their wedding photos to OK! Magazine. That’s not too shabby for a week’s work. Could this be why they super fast-tracked their nuptials? [The Fab Life]

While that sounds like a lot of money for pics of Lamar smearing cake in Khloe’s face, this is actually kind of a bargain-basement price. Here’s what other celebs made for their wedding photos.

  • When Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz tied the knot in 2008, People paid them $1 million smackeroos for their photos. [Pop Crunch]
  • OK! beat out People magazine in a bidding war for the photos of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding in 2007. Going price? $2 million. [Desperate Blog]
  • OK! paid Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas $2 million for their wedding photos. But while Michael and Catherine were approving images, Hello! magazine scooped them with grainy paparazzi pics. OK! sued and won their $2 mill back. But together, the two magazines spent $16 million in legal fees. Doh! [E! Online]
  • $2 million seems to be the right price. It’s also what People paid Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon for exclusive rights to their wedding pics. [Gawker]
  • Paris Match magazine famously paid Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt $1.9 million for their wedding photos. Less than those above, but then again, it was a long time ago. [Daily Mail]
  • Victoria and David Beckham got $1.6 million from OK!. [Daily Mail]
  • Last year, “American Idol” starlet Katharine McPhee tried to sell her wedding pics to the tabs. But, supposedly, OK!, People, and In Touch all turned her down when she asked for $50K. [Hollyscoop]