The Top 8 Reasons Women Have Sex

There’s a new book out called “Why Women Have Sex” written by Cindy Meston and David Buss, which, as the title suggests, explores women’s motivations for gettin’ busy. The Daily Mail was kind enough to publish a Cliff Notes version today so you don’t have to knock yourself out reading the whole thing trying to find the key to women’s sexual behavior, and I’m going one step further, posting a Cliff Notes of the Cliff Notes right here so you don’t even have to read the entire article if you don’t feel like it (you’re welcome). After the jump, the top 8 most popular reasons women site for having sex (surprise: getting pregnant doesn’t even make the list!).1. To get rid of a headache
Sex releases endorphins, endorphins act as a natural painkiller, plus an orgasm — if a woman is lucky enough to have one — is thought to “switch off” a sort of “headache generator in a specific area of the brain.”

2. Because he’s a good kisser
Good kissin’s a turn-on, duh.

3. To get revenge
One woman in the authors’ study said: “My husband cheated on me a few years ago. I had put on weight after having our daughter, so felt incredibly worthless. Within six months of discovering his affair, I lost weight and had a fling with his best friend. It felt great.” Apparently, she’s not alone.

4. To lose weight
“Depending on which report you read, a sexual session can burn anything from 100 to 250 calories.” Damn, you really can have your cake and eat it, too!

5. Wifely duty
Um, just don’t tell him that’s your reason!

6. Sympathy sex
Several women in the study reported having sex when they didn’t feel like it simply to nurture someone who was feeling bad about himself. Oy vey! I think that’s taking the Golden Rule a little too far.

7. To stop him straying
“Having sex works as a mate-guarding strategy among women for two reasons. It may keep a romantic partner faithful because they’re sexually satisfied.
And being demonstrative in public – and thereby hinting at a healthy sexual relationship – can serve to ward off potential would-be mate poachers.” Beats tattooing your name on your partner’s ass, I guess.

8. For practice
Well, practice makes perfect, right?

[via Daily Mail]