Really Easy DIY: Turn A Stuffy Choker Into A Cool Necklace

I’ve got a jewelry box full of chokers from this elaborate jewelry phase I went through a couple years ago. I’m still a little bit in love with most of them. But having grown out of that particular style of way overdone, I couldn’t really figure out what to do with them forever. So they just sat there and we engaged in that familiar pattern that formerly-adored clothing and accessories know so well: Occasionally I’d pick one up, put it on, remember the good old days and then take it off again, thinking that maybe said good old days are gone for good and I should just give up on the relationship.

Conveniently, a mere day before I started my slash-and-burn closet cleaning for the fall, Erin came in wearing a sparkly, ribbon-y necklace that I totally wanted to club her and steal from her unconscious body copy. The front of the body of the necklace is an old, really cool, Vivienne Westwood choker that Erin wasn’t really feeling anymore. To make it amenable to her more grown-up wardrobe, she added a thick ribbon and turned it into a longer necklace. I’m kind of in love with how it looks with all things slouchy and jacketed now. Plus, doing it is maybe the easiest thing ever. Here’s how:

  1. Gather your materials: the outdated choker, 2.5 feet of the sturdy ribbon of your choosing (we like velvet for a slightly Victorian feel) and scissors. That’s all. Seriously.
  2. Loop one end of the ribbon through one half of the choker’s clasp. Repeat on the other side. This will give you a straight shot of ribbon from one end of the open necklace to the other and two long, dangling ends.
  3. Tie your ends into a bow. You’ve now added about a foot of length to your choker, turning it into a necklace. Rejoice.