What Women Want From Men

When it comes to articles about what women want from men, we can always count on Men’s Health to completely steer its readers in the completely wrong direction (wrestling, anyone?). Thank God for Esquire though, a publication that actually gives its readers advice we can second. In an article posted online yesterday called “How To Feel Good To A Woman,” writer Lisa Taddeo gives 11 suggestions that’ll make a woman swoon (no, really), including keeping a bathroom stocked with thick, fluffy, freshly stacked towels, kissing her neck, kissing her neck again, kissing “for longer than you can handle” (we women want a lot of kissing) “even when you know that more is on the way. Openmouthed, and bench the tongue. Urgent but not desperate,” and pushing the hair, not pulling it. It’s a great list, for sure, but come on, only 11 suggestions? We women are far easier to please than that! After the jump, five more things women want from men. 1. Thick, fluffy towels are great, but we also love to see a bathroom with lots and lots and lots of soft toilet paper (no cheap stuff!), neatly stacked in a cabinet near the toilet.

2. Cupping our faces and gently tilting our heads when you kiss us (you didn’t think we were done with the kissing yet, did you?).

3. Holding the door open for us is nice, but gently touching your hand to the small of our back as you do is totally hot.

4. Two words: boxer briefs.

5. Soft sheets.

Ladies, what do you want from men?