Wacky Shoes Abound!

Crazy shoes. They’re all the rage! Last week, we admired Rodarte’s urban glamazon heels that could have been made from leftover parts found at the local mechanic’s. Yesterday in Milan, Miuccia Prada debuted a series of Lucite and plastic chandelier shoes with a rainbow of heel colors and swinging crystals. Equipped with what looks to be a velcro strap, the Prada footwear looks somewhat comfy — at least they didn’t send the models tumbling, as did Rodarte’s Nicholas Kirkwood stilettos. After the jump, two more highlights of the over-the-top heels trend!

Fancy yourself a 21st century Cinderella? These clear faux glass slippers from Maison Martin Margiela will suit you perfectly. That is, if you have $1,300 lying around. Oh, and that will only buy you one. If you want to shod both your feet, you’ll need to shell out around $2,500. But who cares? You’re a princess!

Susie Bubble has her eye on these decidedly goddess-esque winged platforms from Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label collaboration with Melissa. For around $200, you can teeter around town in these straight-off-the-runway clomper-stompers come November when they arrive in stories. NB: If you don’t want to fly around like Hermes every day, the wings are removable.