They Call Me The Crazy Cat Lady

I admit it: I’m about four whiskers shy of being a full-on crazy cat lady. I have two cats of my own and would happily adopt more if my poor husband didn’t have mild allergies. I even promised in my wedding vows that I’d never bring home a third kitten, but that doesn’t stop me from cooing at cats I see in apartment windows, on the TV, and in pet carriers on the subway, presumably on their way to the vet. My mother gets me a kitten calendar every Christmas and each month I look forward to flipping the page to a new picture of adorable kitties sleeping in men’s dress shoes or napping in a mini hammock. All this is to say that when I saw this heated cat blanket, a “luxurious silky plush cover” that heats to 102°F, I knew exactly what I was getting my Miles and Simone for Christmas this year! OK, fine, so maybe I’m only one whisker shy of full-on crazy cat lady. [$79.99, Doctors Foster and Smith] [via Outblush]

Tags: cats, pets