The First Lady’s Feet Are Put To The Test … What’s Your Pain Threshold For Heels?

Last night the Obamas hosted a dinner for the G20 summit, and, naturally, Michelle was expertly styled. Reports The New York Times:

“Mrs. Obama [wore] a taupe, pink and green patterned cocktail dress with straps. Pink patent leather two-inch heels. Hair pulled back in a full, bouffant faux-ponytail. Long pearl necklace, pearl earrings. No stockings.”

Aside from the fact that Michelle Obama hasn’t fully transitioned to her fall wardrobe (no tights!), we were more struck by her shoes … According to the Times, the First Lady and her husband spent two hours just greeting attendees. Meaning, that was only the beginning of her evening. Sure, there’s a huge difference between traipsing around in sky-high pumps and two-inch heels, but still … spending a couple hours standing in any high heel can’t be comfortable. Either Mobama has some amazingly comfortable shoes, or she’s hiding some super-human powers (we wouldn’t be surprised if the latter were true).

Earlier this week we wondered, are heels even worth the pain? Now we’re concerned with stamina. How long can you last in a pair of pumps before your feet beg for relief? [NY Times]