Striptease With Your Latte, Sir?

I worked at a coffee shop in college. Sometimes I would throw in a free cookie to go along with a cup o’ joe for my favorite customers and they would return the favor by tipping extra. But apparently I missed out on a much bigger opportunity! At a coffee shop in Everett, Washington, the baristas were frothing more than just milk — police have arrested five female workers for operating a prostitution ring out of the cafe. They would charge customers as much as $80 to flash their breasts, lick whipped cream off each other’s body parts, and pose for nudie pics. Also!

Detectives say the women also charged customers to play “basketball” — a game in which customers were allowed to throw waded up money at the women, who caught the money in their underpants. [Everett Daily Herald]

OK, so I get that this is wrong and all, but it’s not like they were offering sex or blow jobs with the lattes, right? Next time steal from the register, ladies! [via Gawker]