Love Nest: Put Your Clothes To Work—Decorating Your Home!

Yesterday, Apartment Therapy ran a bunch of genius (and, at times, ridiculous) photos of women’s clothing used as decor—and coming from a clothes horse like I sometimes am, it makes total sense to decorate with your clothes. Hey, some of my most beautiful pieces of “art” are hanging in my closet! It reminded me of the now shuttered Shabby Chic store in NYC—they used to hang a row of various colored tutus from a rod attached high on the wall, up near the ceiling. The effect was frothy and enchanting—and it could be an adorable thing to do in a little girls room. Another clothes as decor follower? Jane Aldridge, the Sea of Shoes blogger. She’s all about displaying outfits as room art—her mannequin is regularly done up with some couture/vintage concoction and her wall of shoes is visually gorgeous! Check out the Apartment Therapy photos, and get inspired, after the jump.

How do you use clothing as decoration? Do you turn your old dresses into pillows? Display your jewelry proudly on the wall? [Apartment Therapy]