Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

Hoo-ray! Nobody famous died this week! (Well, except Susan Atkins from the Manson family, but seriously, that whole story is creepy.) Healthy, robust celebs means Frisky bloggers get to turn our attentions elsewhere, whether we were casting the “Sweet Valley High” movie (written by Diablo Cody!), figuring out why we’re bad at dating, cooing over three-year-old Suri Cruise’s kitten heels, or covering Mackenzie Phillipsunbelievably disturbing announcement that she had an incestuous relationship with her dad. After the jump, everything you might have missed this week on The Frisky:

  • We rolled our eyes at celebs’ diet secrets, like Beyoncé’s 14-day “Master Cleanse” of consuming only water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. Sorry, but that’s crazy.
  • We discussed the issues at stake when rape fantasies become a reality.
  • We heard getting an engagement ring from our boo might be a “bad investment” (and advised economist who said so to shove it).
  • We ardently wished that Emmy’s host and “How I Met Your Mother”/”Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog” star Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t gay so he could be our boyfriend.
  • We cheered for our boyfriend’s favorite sports teams (and the fave sports teams of our own!).
  • We weren’t surprised at Courtney Love’s freak-out when someone accidentally walked in on her in a public toilet. We were surprised at other celeb’s bad bathroom behavior.
  • We wanted to get pregnant, stat, after watching this baby dance to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” video.
  • We asked if a big-screen film about Barbie is really necessary.
  • We swooned over President Obama on Letterman (although as New Yorkers, we were not pleased the man screwed up street traffic all week)!
  • We grimaced at awesomely bad engagement photos.
  • We figured out where all the good guys are.
  • …and last but not least, we didn’t miss high school for a second when we learned some teen girls at Millburn High School in NJ have circulated a “slut list” of freshmen.