Etsy Find Of The Week: Jibri Clothing

Indie fashion, we love you, but we get it—most of the time you’re made for the ladies small enough to go braless, not for curvy ones. That’s where Jibri steps in, a line tailored for sizes 14-24, replete with that independent sensibility you see all over Etsy. Some of the dresses take vintage inspiration with ’50s-era classic cuts (think fancy “Mad Men“-esque pencil skirts with ruffled peplums), while there are also high-waist skirts that beg to be worn sexy-style to the office. For a solid buy, check out the selection of LBDs, which incorporate cute details like bubble hems or one-shouldered necklines. Don’t miss: the Hand Painted Spring Jacket with its retro Jackie O-style and the Anti-Wallflower Dress (ha!), a strapless number with a pink and purple floral print. The prices are on the steep side, but keep in mind that Jibri lets you specify sizing and measurements. So your indie fashion can find a perfect fit. [Etsy]