Could Sharon Spencer Save Hollywood A Lot Of Heartache?

There’s nothing more traumatizing then a big, dirty Hollywood breakup and the mudslinging that follows. Example: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo. The sudden breakup, the canceled birthday party, the boat drama, the mental breakdown. But could all of this mess have been prevented by some good relationship advice? No, I’m not talking about a top-dollar A-list shrink. I’m talking about Canadian relationship expert Sharon Spencer. Sharon has made a charming (?) series of videos offering complimentary celebrity relationship counseling to Hollywood couples. Maybe Jessica and Tony would still be together today had they only listened to Sharon’s wise advice: “Tony be gentle and Jessica ride a cowboy.” After the jump, some more sage advice from Sharon Spencer and, sometimes, if you’re lucky, her husband Fred.

Sharon thinks Angelina and Brad should have a happy life together without the interference of others. Fred warns Brad to keep the door open when he’s with the nanny. Good call, Fred.

Maybe Lilo and SamRo should just try to calm down. The drama is killing us.

Are off-again, on-again lovers Drew Barrymore and Justin Long an item again? Sharon thinks if they keep it sizzlin’ they will be.