An Art Exhibit That Supports Your Girls

Forget the term “starving artist.” ArtPrize is a contest currently in full swing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where any artist — famous or total nobody — can show work, individually or in groups, at a location of their choosing. Visitors to the festival will vote on their favorite pieces and the top 10 entries will receive cash prizes. The grand prize is lottery-sized at $250,000 smackeroos. So who are we rooting for in this art free-for-all? A group of ladies who call themselves W.H.A.T. Artists, which stands for “Women Heartfully [making] Art Together.” Their ArtPrize installation is called “The ABRAcada-BRA Project: A Show of Support for the Girls” and consists of oodles and oodles of bras. Twenty-five of them are works of art with titles like “Boulder Holder” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Surrounding these are hundreds of bras collected from around the world and hung from the walls and ceiling. If you’re in Grand Rapids, go check out the installation at the Riverview Center. And make sure to vote. [ArtPrize]